Shoreline Modular Homes - Connecticut’s Oldest & Largest Modular Home Builder
Shoreline Modular Homes - Connecticut’s Oldest & Largest Modular Home Builder
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Why Build A Modular Home

Some of the numerous advantages of building a modular home include:

• Better materials and equipment
• Reduced costs
• Guaranteed price
• Guaranteed delivery date
• Climate controlled construction
• No weather delays
• More energy efficient

A new home is a serious investment. When comparing stick-built, consider the advantages of building with Shoreline Modular Homes. Even if you have never thought about buying a modular home, now is the ideal time to talk to Shoreline Modular Homes, before you build. Let us show you how you can have a customized home finished on your land for up to 25% less than conventional construction.

With the diversity of building methods now available, it can be confusing as to what option offers you the best quality and best value for your money. Simply put, a quality built home represents your very best housing value. Each home is carefully constructed in an environmentally controlled facility under ideal conditions. A Modular home is stronger, better designed, better built and more energy efficient than homes built by any other method of construction.

Modular home construction has virtually replaced the archaic, inefficient, slow site-built method of construction. The tremendous buying power of purchasing vast quantities of high quality building materials in bulk - coupled with modern, state-of-the-art facility and computer designed, highly mechanized manufacturing equipment - consistently produces a better home technology actually reduces the cost of housing while significantly improving the quality.

Modular homes are built to withstand transportation and generally contain 30% more lumber than traditional housing. Additionally, modular homes must also pass rigorous third party inspections during the building process. Modular Homes are built to meet or exceed all standardized state building codes.

Another of the significant advantages of modular construction is the reduced move-in time from start to finish. Concurrent foundation and site work occurs at the home site while your house is being constructed by skilled craftsman, in a factory controlled environment. By the time the site work is completed, your new home arrives 85% complete. This significant time savings translates into your moving in quicker, as well as real savings in interest on your mortgage. Many families choose to build a modular home because of the tremendous cost and time savings.

Just think! Virtually every product from aspirin to zeppelins is manufactured in a factory, why not houses?

Stop in and let one of our professional staff members answer all your questions and start you on your way to realizing your dream.

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